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Call of Cthulhu One Shots

I have a few ideas for one shots (as i said in the link to this) and they are mostly, if not all, based arround the time between WW1 and WW2 (with a couple of possible exceptions). So, here are my ideas for senarios currently (keep in mind that i do intend to maybe do a few of these, not just my favourate):-

My favourate so far Russian Revolution -I've already come up with a base concept for this one but I do not want to spoil as what i have so far is interesting and it may be one i ask people ot help playtest if and when I make it. Lets just say that it may involve Revolutionary soldiers around the time or, maybe a little before, the Russian Civil War or the actual revolution itself. This one may be the "Epic" one of the group.

(WW1) 3rd Battle of Yrpes/Battle of the Sommee - British/German soldiers get lost or taken prisoner or something and find themselves in X. This one is one im keen to make as i, as many might know, am someone who is very interested in the history of this time period and it is a great setting for Call of Cthulhu one shots. For evedence of this listen to an Actual Play of anything Alex Paterson has made (Dig for Victory or his U-boat ones are just amazing, Find them on RPPR , just google that)

(WW2) Desert Rats - Simple concept, Nazis in the desert, what are they upto? Tbh, could be a nice quick one, Evil Nazis doing paranormal stuff is an easy target.

I will have more tomorrow, i left my notes i was making at work, to be continued

Coming 2010

Coming 2010, Well, whats coming 2010? A new Gareth? Well, probably not. I am AMAZINGLY different than i used to me, i assure you i read alot of my old posts before i deleted them back in may. It amazed even me how much I'd changed for the better and there are alot of people i can think for that and some i can't thank enough for helping me change for the better. But, if you've got this far i bet you're wondering what is going to be happening in in the new dacade? (You're probably also wondering why you're reading my blog but i can't answer that)

Well, essentually I'm going to start using my blog again, but not just that. In 2010 i intend to start personal projects both on and off computers, I hope to start making simple XNA Games, have certain round the house projects and well, of course do things with my life too and this blog with hopefully serve the duel perpose of being both a personal blag and a dev/project blog.

So... it's been a good 2 years since i updated here, and i bet i know what you are all DYING to know, whats happened in my life? Well, not that much really. I've finished university now with a 2:2... in my defence my final year project got a 2:1 but when you're a dyslexic trying to write a dissertation for man who thinks the whole thing is made up it takes ALOT of time away from other important things like.... EVERYTHING else at uni that year, leading ot me have to do a rework of an exam this october to obtain a HONS degree instead of an ordinary. I'm still very much single, not for want of trying, and i've lost alot of weight and change appearance alot since leaving loughborough grammar. So much so that when a couple of weeks back i bumped into an old teacher he gave a "good christ, its is you!" after i he didn't recognise me one bit, I do love doing that ot people. I've obtained a job working at MidlandHR as an Automated Tester, which is quite possibly the most boring and annoying job i could do but money is money and i work hard for my money. I still live at home although finding a way to move out is VERY high up my list of priorities, its justs just not much of an option right now. And.... thats about it, or at least that i can think of right now. Well, i'm back... and on twitter too, joined about an hour ago... tweet tweet


Something New

Something new and unexpected to arrive here soon. Along with a full explenation


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